Hello World!

Hello World! (Thanks, WordPress, for this great starter line).

I have been blogging since I was a teenager full of angst. At first, it was a diary of sorts… I put all my thoughts down for the world, but nobody who knew me. In college I blogged all about relationships and drama, lots of stories and my own philosophies. When I studied abroad in Italy, I chronicled my travels so my family back home could see what I was up to. Finally, when I moved to New Jersey, I started my photography blog where I posted my 360 photo project, and have been posting photos on a semi-regular basis. Not so much writing, but telling a story nonetheless through my images.

It seems that I have always enjoyed this outlet. I feel like I have a voice, without forcing anyone to listen to me. My talk track is just out there for anyone who is interested.

So now starting a new phase in my life, it seems like a good time to start a new blog!

A little bit of background… about a year ago I discovered the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and have been moving towards cleaner eating since. I got married to my dear husband Luke in July and we have been living together with our big animal family. We started Crossfit at Guerrilla Fitness in the fall and have been working on getting very fit. Now we are planning to start a family, so there are more changes to come!

This blog will discuss my experiences and perspective on eating well, going through a primal pregnancy and birth, and generally living a pure and healthy lifestyle.


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