Exploring Birth Options

Back in December, Luke got a bit miffed at me because he thought I was just procrastinating about having kids and said that after Dave and Karen’s wedding, I would just come up with another excuse. That definitely was not the case, so the next day I started researching midwives in the area.

I know that hospital births with obstetricians are the norm, but I could never really see myself doing that… being strapped down in a bed wearing a paper nightgown, attached to machines, while medical professionals hovered around ready to give me shots of epidural and pitocin. It wasn’t that I had anything against it – I could even understand why women would want that – I just couldn’t see myself doing it. I much preferred the idea of going through labor and birth in my home, where I could lay in my bed or watch movies, be supported by my husband and maybe my mom, and with an experienced midwife with whom I’ve formed a relationship.

The midwife that I was most interested in is Judy Hagan of Babycatcher Midwifery. Luke and I met her in mid-January, and we both loved her. She is a certified nurse midwife who has been in business since the 1980s. The fact that she has medical qualifications and experience was attractive to Luke, and her general philosophies on childbirth were so great to me. She was even approving of my grain-free paleo diet. We left her home feeling confident and excited, with a short list of things to do.

I immediately went off “the pill,” started taking a b-complex,  and ordered a couple of the books she recommended on her website. I also watched a couple great documentaries that completely validated my decision to pursue a natural pregnancy and childbirth: Pregnant in America and The Business of Being Born.

I am currently reading and learning as much as possible so as to be ready at my “deadline”!


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