No, I’m Not Pregnant

Last week Luke and I got on the phone to call Dave and Karen, our good friends who are tying the knot in less than a month. The first thing Karen said was, “Are you pregnant?!”

“Um, no, but I like that that’s the first thing you think of. We were actually just calling to say congratulations on your -1 month wedding anniversary!”

A little background: a bunch of ladies attending Karen and Dave’s wedding are currently pregnant, including the Matron of Honor who is due a couple weeks before the wedding (it was originally 2 days before the wedding, but her doctors pushed up the due date). Last summer Karen basically made me promise I wouldn’t get pregnant so I could participate in all the festivities with her… i.e. drink and party at the bachelorette party and wedding. I couldn’t blame her one bit for the request!

That basically set a timeline for Luke and I… he has been eager to start our family for a long time, but I am still young and wanted a little more time to have that kind of fun before I had to start being responsible. The wedding will be my last big shabang before we start trying to conceive!


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