Being Bad

When I studied abroad in Italy, I learned about the interesting history of “Fat Tuesday,” “Mardi Gras,” or in Italian, “Mardedi Grasso.” Basically, it is a big celebration and last hurrah before the restrained season of Lent begins. This was the time when Catholic people could go wild… partying on the streets, wearing masks so nobody would recognize them as they committed their indiscretions.

I know it’s a little weird, but I kind of look at pregnancy as Lent. It’s a time that I will be giving up alcohol, bad inflammatory foods, coffee (for the most part) and basically living as purely as possible. That makes now – the next couple weeks – my Mardi Gras, and I have to admit that I have been indulging more than I normally allow myself.

Two days ago I had part of a bagel with cream cheese. Yesterday I had some trans-fat, wheat and sugar-laden Girl Scout Cookies. Today I had a couple slices of pizza (skipped the crust though!) and a whole bunch of M&Ms. None of these are even close to clean or paleo. I’ve also been having wine every night- what I’ll miss the most when I’m pregnant… I’m hoping that I’ll get sick of wine and not miss it so much!

I know I’m being bad, but I am still good most of the time. Just cheating more than usual!


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