Wedding Countdown & Pregnancy Prep

Just a few days left! Karen and Dave’s wedding is on Saturday. I got a pair of silver heels during my lunch break today, we’re getting the dresses back from the tailor tomorrow, finalizing and printing the table cards and programs as soon as possible, nails and rehearsal/rehearsal dinner on Friday, then Saturday is the big day! I guess it’s good practice- this week is all about someone else. My schedule is crazy and I am losing sleep, but it’s all for a good cause.

This morning I had my blood test- I gave the nurse a list of all the numbers I wanted beyond the standard reports based on what I read in The Paleo Solution, so I could really understand where I am with my health right now. I’ve been cheating a lot recently (I weighed myself for the first time in a few months this weekend and it was not good) but hopefully my numbers will still be okay. I am also getting tested for Lyme… with all the animals and the mild winter it would be easy enough to be exposed to ticks. And not that any of these symptoms are too unusual for me, but I have had painful and swollen joints, some fatigue and dizziness. There are other reasonable explanations for all those symptoms, but I just want to check to be sure, and get treated if necessary. My physical is next Wednesday so I should find out the results then.

While I am doing my best to prepare myself for pregnancy, Luke is fairly resistant to learning about it all. While he’ll glance through articles I send him (like this one about new evidence pointing towards sonograms as a cause for autism) he has no interest in reading the books I have given him… I even mark off the parts of the book that are relevant to him so he doesn’t have to read the whole thing. I want him to be interested and invested in the whole process, but all he really cares about is that a baby pops out in the end. How do others deal with this kind of thing? Do you just shrug it off and let him do his thing, or did you find a way to get your husband interested and involved with your pregnancy?


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