I Hate Ants

Last year in our old kitchen, we had a little ant problem. We thought that it was because our kitten Bo had been sneaking through a little hole under the counter, and that he had stirred up a nest. I think we were wrong though…

We just had our kitchen re-modeled- everything is brand new. And the ants came. I am pretty sure they have a nest in the wall- they are coming in through an outlet in the backsplash by the sink. I’ve been keeping everything clean and locking the dishwasher, but they still come. I have been spraying them with vinegar, but that doesn’t seem to stop more from coming. We got some ant traps, but the ants don’t seem to be interested.

I finally looked up some natural ways to get rid of ants, and got a whole bunch of suggestions. First, I surrounded the area with cinnamon. The ants seemed to walk around on the cinnamon with no problem though, contrary to what several blogs existed.

Next, I cut open a bag of mint tea and poured it around the area, along with some crushed red pepper. The ants seemed to avoid these a little more, but how to kill the nest???

I mixed some Comet with some honey and put it in a small dish by the outlet. I don’t know if they’ll touch it, but I did have some of the mixture on the spoon I used to mix it up, and used that to crush some ants.

Finally, I read that ants don’t like soap. And they don’t like mint. So I mixed some peppermint castille soap with my vinegar/windex/water bottle so I have a foamy, minty spray to get them directly. This combo seems to be pretty lethal… They can’t swim out and keep going lie they sometimes did when I sprayed them with vinegar.

I am still not sure if the nest will die from my current strategy, but I think I have all of the ants that have ventured into the kitchen dead (or at least immobilized). Hopefully the ants will realize that this is a hostile environment and they will pack up and leave…

Have you ever had an ant problem? How did you solve it?


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