FEARS: Ceasarean Birth

I have two friends who have given birth in the past few months. They both planned natural births, but in a hospital. Both were induced, and both ended up giving birth by Ceasarean. Why?

It seems that at the slightest complication, hospitals tell women that they have no choice but surgery. Of course I don’t know all the details, and perhaps it was really medically necessary in both cases, but I find that hard to believe. Obstetricians are surgeons, and to deliver a baby by Ceasarean is easier and more straight forward for them than dealing with a difficult labor and birth. Apparently there are legal troubles doctors can get into as well when there are complications. Not really sure what that’s all about, but I am just under the impression that in hospitals, OBs jump at the chance to recommend a C-section.

It’s so sad to me that so many women are robbed of the chance to have a natural birth experience. I have heard that after giving birth by Ceasarean, many hospitals don’t allow a woman to give birth vaginally for their next child, so they may never be able to.

Both of my friends went to the same hospital, one that has a beautiful maternity ward and good reputation- they even allow water births. It is the hospital that through my midwife, I will be transferred to if I suffer complications during labor. I know that I need to accept all possibilities because labor and birth are not predictable, but am afraid of going to the hospital. I am afraid that if I were transferred there, then I would lose my voice. That they would tell me that I am incapable of birthing my child, and for my baby’s safety, I would need drugs and surgery.

I want to cry for all the women this has happened to. I know that what is most important is that mother and baby are safe and healthy, and in some cases a Ceasarean is necessary, but in so many cases it really is not…


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