Waiting Game

Now that Luke and I are actually TTC (trying to conceive), I am growing a little impatient… It’s a little like purgatory. I have drastically cut down on the amount of alcohol I consume- I had a couple watered down (lots of ice) glasses of Pinot Grigio during girl’s night last week and a spritzer over the weekend. Compare that to my usual two or three glasses a day and it’s nothing! I am trying to eat very healthfully and keep my stress levels down- just hoping that my body and Luke’s contribution will do what they need to do to start a little baby!

I just checked an ovulation calendar – not very scientific, but if it’s right, I was at my most fertile on Saturday. Now I just have to keep trying to be good and wait. A pregnancy test would be completely useless at this point- if I am pregnant, there won’t be detectable levels of hCG in my pee until the beginning of May. I bought a 2-pack of tests at the grocery store last week, so I will save the first one for probably May 1. My period is due on the 6th, so if I get a negative on the first test, then I’ll take the next test on the 6th or 7th (whether I am bleeding or not- just because there’s blood doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant!). Seems like a solid plan…

Not knowing is the tough part. I’d like to know that I am pregnant so I can move on to planning and have a good excuse to ask Luke for more massages, or know that I am not pregnant so I can have my wine and not worry about it until next month!


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