Sick in the Sinus

This weekend Luke and I headed for a wedding in Vero Beach, Florida. Everything was wonderful and it was a great mini-vacation, but with a hitch. We flew into Orlando, and we were on a flight jam packed full of kids headed to Disney. I don’t mind the chatty ones, it’s the screaming and singing that gets me. It was an early flight and I wasn’t able to sleep much, and I think  caught something. I felt okay for most of the day, but Saturday night my throat started hurting.

Sunday it was killing me, and by the wedding Sunday night, I was feeling so yucky that I dipped out of the reception to curl up in bed with a book and ice water to hopefully numb my throat. Luke was able to get Advil from a lady who was attending the wedding, and that maybe helped a little bit. My throat was a little sore the next day, but my nose began running like a faucet and has been running ever since. I felt bad for the lady sitting next to me on the plane ride home… luckily I was in the window seat and would turn my head when I needed to blow my nose.

Work was pretty miserable today. My sinuses were full of pressure and I was blowing my nose constantly. I have never liked taking meds for basic colds like this, and I especially don’t want to take lots of meds now because I am trying to keep my body as clean as possible for my future baby, so here is my strategy…

  1. Hydrate – lots of water and tea!
  2. Neti pot – clear out the sinuses a couple times a day so they don’t get all clogged up
  3. Lots of tissues – I like Puffs with lotion 🙂
  4. Home-made soup – I made a big batch of bone broth last week, so I just sautéed some onions and chicken breast in Kerrygold butter, dumped in the broth, added carrots, one big chopped yam, spinach, and a little bit of seaweed just for fun, plus a chili pepper and ginger for flavor and to help clear out the sinuses, and some salt. Delicious, filling, healthy, and great for a cold!

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