I am posting a bunch of these blog entries delayed, because I wanted to wait until we had announced our pregnancy to family and friends!

I was planning to wait until Saturday morning to take my second home pregnancy test, but I was a little impatient so on Thursday, May 3 I slipped into the hall bathroom and peed on the stick. I stuck it in my bathrobe pocket and washed my hands, went to the deck doors and called the dogs, then glanced at the test while I waited for them to come up. PREGNANT.

I was so excited, but decided to wait until that night to tell Luke. I giggled and talked to my belly as I drove to work, enjoying having such a special secret! I had lunch with a friend and told my first lie, “Not pregnant yet, but we’re trying!” I have already said it a couple more times… friends keep asking and we’re just not ready to tell yet!

Luke and I agreed during the day that the Crossfit WOD sucked and we weren’t going, so we could just hang out and have a nice date night. I picked up some food and steak at Kings, along with some sparkling lemonade. When Luke got home I showed him the steak (very exciting!), poured the bubbly into our wedding champagne glasses, and proposed a toast… to a baby on the way!

Luke was speechless for a minute, then just very happy! He wasn’t expecting to find out then since I was planning to wait until Saturday to take the test, but it was nice to have the moment together! I showed him the EPT and we took a couple pictures, he pronounced it the happiest day of his life! (I said what about our wedding day? He just brushed it off haha…)


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