Week 6 Symptoms

Wow! I am almost 7 weeks pregnant…

My main symptom is fatigue. I feel like I am always worn out, as if I just worked for 12 hours staring at my computer, hunched over my desk. I know I need some exercise, but by the time I get home from work I am so tired I am definitely not up for something as intense as Crossfit. I sleep okay about half the time, but many nights I have difficulty sleeping no matter how tired I am. Today I feel like I am in a major daze from tossing and turning all night!

My boobs have grown a little bit and have been sensitive- I haven’t grown out of my current bras yet, but I am filling them out in a way that I never have before.

Only because I know my body so well I can start to see a bump growing in my lower abdomen. Sitting at my desk, I have to unbutton my jeans or the pressure is very uncomfortable. It’s just out very slightly from my hipbones and a bit firm, I am excited to see it pop out more! But not for another month… I want to be able to hide it until we are ready to announce!

Thank goodness I haven’t been nauseated like so many women. I have been eating a high-fat, fairly low-carb paleo diet with a few exceptions. I’ve had some cravings for ice cream- I am thinking that it’s a combination of needing more calcium and my body wanting a sugar rush since I’m tired. I figure some ice cream here and there is fine since I eat so well most of the time!

Another thing- my body seems to go through calories like crazy. I doesn’t matter what or how much I eat for dinner, I wake up hungry and must have breakfast. I also wake up once or twice during the night and have to pee. I wonder if I cut back on my salt more during the day, then maybe I would retain less water so I would have less to flush out at the end of the day?


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