11 Weeks and on the Energy Upswing!

I wasn’t sure I was going to keep up with this blog but my stalke– ahem… sister, convinced me I should 😉 The question is, how much detail do I go into? This could get pretty intense!

I am just about through the first trimester! No morning sickness, thank goodness (that’s everybody’s first question). I’m not sure whether it’s the way I’m built, or because I have a Paleo diet. I wonder if my symptoms in general would have been better had I been stricter with my diet?

My biggest symptom, as I mentioned in week 6, has been fatigue. I think the fog is starting to lift… over the weekend I had a little more energy, and right now I don’t feel like I am about to fall asleep at my desk (though that could change any minute!) Although I didn’t have morning sickness, I have had occasional food aversions… times when nothing looked good to me. At those points I would get something a less healthy and carb-heavy, like french fries, ice cream, and even a couple times gyros- pita wrap and all (so not paleo!) I am thinking that if I had stuck more to lower-carb, healthier foods, then I wouldn’t have been so tired, but sometimes just nothing looks edible!!!

Other symptoms:

  1. Acne – boo… I a have gotten it under control for the most part, but still not cool. I’ve been using PANGEA ORGANICS Facial Cleanser and it seems to work very well to clean without drying and I don’t seem to be breaking out so much. I have also been exfoliating a lot with either a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice (awesome scrub!!!) or just a washcloth. This ensures that there is no dead skin keeping stuff trapped in the pores.
  2. Hunger – I definitely have to eat more. I can’t skip breakfast, and if I don’t eat a big enough dinner, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with a growling tummy. This baby must inhale food like Luke!!! Luckily I haven’t gained much weight, I think this food offsets all the wine I used to drink ;)… Plus, I am eating well- mostly primal!
  3. Peeing – a lot, in the middle of the night… I never used to have to pee during the night, now I can’t go the whole night without getting up at least once.
  4. Aches and Pains – in my ankles and feet especially. All of my joints are loose as it is… add relaxin to the mix and I am just falling apart! When I am standing up or running around for an extended period of time, my feet and ankles will get especially painful. Not fun. On top of that, I think I am getting some vericose veins in my ankles. Hopefully they won’t get too bad!!!

As one symptom is easing up, I am figuring out how to deal with others, and some are just getting worse and probably will until the baby is born! We’ll see, I guess…


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