Telling Everyone!

My birthday was on June 15, and we had our first appointment with our midwife Judy. We filled out all the paperwork and talked through all kinds of stuff for a couple hours. She tried to find the heartbeat, but at less than 10 weeks it was still too soon. All seemed to be going well, though, so it was time to tell the families!

On Friday night Luke and I Skyped with my parents, and they were obviously thrilled! I tried to set up a chat with Liz and Tony then as well, but they were at a baseball game.

Sunday was Father’s Day and we had a BBQ at Luke’s parents’ house, where we presented them with a picture frame from Things Remembered which I had engraved- “Baby Hirshenson [and little footprints]” on top, and “January 2013” on bottom. Picture to come! His whole family was super excited, and this was right after Luke’s sister Lisa had given me a Bella Band “for when you get pregnant!”

Saturday night we went out to dinner for my birthday with a bunch of friends, and Luke and I decided to tell them then. Some were more excited than others, of course, but all are generally happy for us (if for no other reason than a guaranteed sober cab haha).

We rushed home around 8 to make a Skype date with Liz and Tony who were over at my parents’ house, and it turned out that my parents had invited all my grandparents over as well knowing the news we had to tell! So we ended up talking with them more than my siblings, but they were so excited about the news they were almost speechless.

After that, my dad couldn’t keep his trap shut and spilled the beans to my aunt, uncle, and their kids, and I knew it was only a matter of time until everyone knew, so I just started calling and emailing to make sure my family didn’t all just find out through the grapevine.

I told my team at work (but not the rest of the agency yet) and still have a couple more people to tell, but we are just about ready to go out with a digital announcement!


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