Pregnancy Twins

No, I’m not having twins haha… I found out today that oneof my favorite co-workers outside my group is also pregnant and due only a few days after me! She has unfortunately had a much rougher pregnancy than me so far… She had to tell HR and her immediate coworkers much sooner than I did because she was running to the bathroom regularly to throw up, and occasionally just  calling in sick. It’s also her second pregnancy, and she’s definitely showing! I also found out about another  coworker who is pregnant and by the looks of her, not very pregnant so probably also due around the same time!

Lots of girls getting married, and lots having babies at my company! Good thing it’s such a family-friendly place. I told our HR director yesterday, and she ran through the company policieswith me. I get three months paid maternity leave and have options for potentially extending my time or coming back on a part-time basis. Also, I don’t have to make any decisions any time soon- I just have to keep them updated as to my plans while I am on maternity leave! So nice to have such a supportive company!!


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