Hiccups and Cocoa Butter

I think everyone gets different symptoms with pregnancy, some stranger than others. I have a couple that I think are a little odd… while my face has been breaking out, the rest of my skin has been pretty dry even with lots of lotion. In fact, my legs were so itchy and my regular lotion didn’t seem to help, so I ended up using the high-potency Palmer’s cocoa butter tummy cream that comes in the little tub on my legs! That seemed to help, thank goodness!

Another one is the hiccuping… I’ve heard that burping is pretty common with pregnancy, but how about a burp and a hiccup at the same time? I’ve done that a few times, and Luke just busts out laughing at me. These aren’t long bouts of hiccups, just random hiccups out of nowhere a few times per day. Not really sure what that’s about…


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