When it comes to my hair, I am generally pretty lazy. I only get around to cutting it twice a year max, usually less, I let it air dry, and don’t do a lot of styling unless I have something going on or it’s particularly unruly.

It’s getting really long now, at about my waist, and I was considering taking a trip to the salon. I keep hearing how pregnancy gives you fuller, healthier, shinier hair – mine is already pretty good in all of those respects since I don’t color it (I’m a natural redhead) and don’t mess with it a lot, but if it gets better, awesome. I thought about it for a little while and came up with a better idea…

Instead of getting it cut, I am just going to let it keep growing until I am about 9 months pregnant. Then it will be really long, and hopefully thick and gorgeous – perfect time to donate to Locks of Love! I already have over 10 inches but I would like my hair to be long enough that when I do cut it, it will still be below my shoulders so I can easily tie it back.

Any tips on how to grow hair healthy, long and strong?


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