Freaky Baby Dream

I’ve been having a lot of dreams, but I don’t remember many. I woke up this morning and only remembered the very end of the last dream I was having- something about my brother packing up coolers for a party or a trip, nothing weird. After laying there for a little bit longer though, another whole dream popped back into my head.

I was babysitting my friend’s baby Lily at some sort of a pool, but the pool was not like real water, it was dense and I couldn’t see through it. My niece was there, and I got distracted by her for a minute. When I turned around, Lily was nowhere to be seen, and I knew she was under “water.”

I started searching, feeling the surface for an area that was softer, until I found a toy. I lifted it and Lily was holding onto the other end, but I didn’t know how long she had been under or if she had inhaled water. I started trying to get her to breathe while I brought her to the ER. I wondered if I should try to get in touch with her mom or wait to see what happened first, and before I knew it, they brought Lily back out.

Strangely though, the baby was completely flat and in a plastic bag sort of thing. I freaked out, saying “She needs air!!! Why is she in a bag?!” I ripped the bag open and Lily re-inflated and was all healthy again… I thought there’s no way they’ll ever let me babysit again!

What could a dream like this possibly mean???


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