Second Appointment With the Midwife

Last week we were supposed to have our second appointment with our midwife Judy on Wednesday, but she was up all night helping a mother give birth and of course postponed the appointment to Saturday.

Before the appointment I had to track my food for four days, so I did that and also entered my food into FitDay to analyze my nutrition. I gave Judy all that info along with my supplement list, and despite my cheating I am doing pretty good! The only drawback to recording for such a short amount of time is it doesn’t really reflect the variety of my diet… After I go shopping, I might eat something a lot that is not normally such a big part of my diet (like pistachios and guacamole this time). I also go through phases where I’ll eat a lot of seafood or a lot of beef or whatever it happens to be at the time. Anyway, if you’re curious here it is– there are tabs at the bottom to see either food log or nutrition data.

After we got through the chatting I laid back and Judy felt my uterus, and I learned a couple things. First of all, I have an anteverted uterus, which just means that my uterus is tilted forward which is normal and doesn’t affect pregnancy or birth. Second, although I am only 15 weeks pregnant, my uterus is the size of more like 17 weeks. No wonder I have been feeling so much stretching! I wonder if the baby is big for its age too? Supposedly it’s about the size of a navel orange now!

Finally, we told Judy about how earlier that week, Luke had brought his stethoscope home and he found the heartbeat. It was very faint of course, but he pointed to where he heard it and when Judy placed her microphone thing on my abdomen, there it was! Loud and strong and immediate, we heard our baby’s heart beating. Magic!


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