Starting to Show

Me and the people close to me who are familiar with my body have been able to tell that it’s changing for a while now, but I am finally starting to visibly “pop!” My belly is starting to really stick out beyond what it normally would for a person my size, especially since I’m not really chubby so it doesn’t just look like I have a gut haha. It’s also very firm, and peaking slightly below my belly button… exactly where the baby is resting and where we found the heartbeat!

It really started hitting me last night and this morning… I have known that I was pregnant, but now that I am starting to show, I find myself thinking, Holy crap, there’s a baby growing in there. I’m going to give birth, I’m going to be a mother, I’m going to spend all my time taking care of a little baby (or a big baby if it keeps growing this way!)… I need to research and register and figure out what we need and what to do…

This is getting real!!!


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