Random Thoughts at 16 Weeks

I think it might be time to buy more bras… bigger, softer, and without underwire. I wish I didn’t have to wear a bra at all, and I don’t around the house! It just feels so much better to hang free…

I spent a few hours cooking the other day, and even standing on an anti-fatigue mat, my feet and my back were absolutely killing me. It probably doesn’t help that I normally sit at a desk all day and my body isn’t used to standing a lot, but it was a little extreme.

I’ve been feeling some “flutterings” – not like the bumps I felt the first couple times, but I think I am now able to feel more slight movements from the babe!

Stomach sleeping is no longer an option… My stomach is sticking out far enough that if I lay on it, I can feel my insides squish all up to my spine. I Can’t imagine that’s good… I am washing up a bunch of throw pillows and my body pillow because I think they may be key for keeping me comfortable and on my side at night.

Baby brain is real. It can be hard to focus on things when I am so aware of my body – the discomforts and the magic. Not only that, but I’m thinking about what kinds of stuff we’ll need, and what life will be like once “Shim” arrives.

Tight shirt = belly grabs…


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