18 Weeks and back from Vacay!

All of the week-by-week baby progress websites say now is a great time to get away. Not too pregnant yet, but maybe a little uncomfortable with the baby growing rapidly, rest & relaxation is key!

This past week Luke, his family, and I all headed to Turks & Caicos for a week in the sun. My usual activities include beach volleyball and drinking, both of which were off the table for this vacation. This time, I spent most of the time eating, sleeping, reading, swimming, and napping. Not exciting, but definitely restful!

My stomach wasn’t crazy about some of the food there and my body never really loves too much heat, so I just hoped the baby was coping better than I. I didn’t feel any movement all week, but I figured it was just the same lethargy I was feeling. We got back on Saturday night and I started feeling some movement again by last night while I was trying to fall asleep, and a little bit today at work. I have read that many people don’t feel much of anything before 20-something weeks anyway, so I am just happy that I’ve felt the “flutterings” as much as I have at this point!

After vacation, I definitely need to cleanse… I tried to eat well, but everything was cooked in oil and I couldn’t resist dessert after practically every meal! I also ate wayyyy more fruit than is normal for me, although it is normal for me in the tropics because it’s so readily available. Anyway, I’m going to shake this newly-acquired craving for sugar by cutting it out as much as possible. Not quite to the 21-Day Sugar Detox level because apples with almond butter are a great snack and smoothies with berries and bananas are delish, but no more desserts or chocolates for a few weeks until I’m not craving them anymore. Paleo!!!

(I was kind of bad though… I thought I was being so good getting grass-fed steak fajitas, no tortillas, from Moe’s, but then they gave me a bag of tortilla chips and I ate them all!!! Oops, not paleo…)


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