20 Weeks!

We are halfway there! I have a real baby bump growing, our one ultrasound planned for tomorrow, and a mini “babymoon” to Cape Cod in the works for this coming weekend!

My pregnancy continues to be pretty good. I sleep soundly with my giant worm pillow as long as the bedroom is cool- not even a lot of dreams. Maybe my body is resting up in preparation for sleepless nights in its future?

The baby has been moving on a regular basis- I can feel it mostly after lunch or when I am laying on the couch propped up on pillows on my left side.

One bad thing- the heartburn has started. If I eat too much at dinner, I will regret it. I guess my giant uterus is pressing my stomach up so the acids don’t stay confined so well… not cool. Time to buy Tums!

Boob update: I have grown 2 full cup sizes! Just bought (and fill out) a 36C. Makes me want to wear low-cut tops and show them off a bit while I’ve got them!


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