20-Week Ultrasound

Yesterday we finally got to see “Shim” for the first time! I originally didn’t want to do any ultrasounds at all, but consented to one at 20 weeks so they could make sure everything looks good and there aren’t any major surprises when the baby is born. Luckily the baby is healthy, has all its parts, and the heart rate was 147.

We told the ultrasound tech that we did not want to know the sex, but of course Luke can read ultrasounds- she made sure to go quickly over the genitals though, so we never got a good look and it is still a surprise!

I was amazed at all the detail that could be seen in the images… Luke explained that the whiter places are more dense tissue like bone. Here is Shim’s face:

At one point, the baby opened its mouth and swallowed something!

The baby was moving around a bit- maybe it sensed that we were spying… here’s the leg all stretched out:

And here’s the baby’s little foot! We are a little worried that it might have Luke’s feet…


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