The last couple weeks…

We have been very busy lately!!

Over labor day weekend, Luke and I took a trip to Cape Cod for a “babymoon.” We left first thing on Saturday morning, then after checking into our hotel, got some food then hopped on a ferry to Nantucket island! There we spent the day exploring and eating, and we had our big lobsters we had been craving! Here’s me by a lighthouse:

The next day we made the trip to Provincetown and just did a lot of eating and exploring. On Monday we headed back after an amazing brunch, and got stuck in mad traffic trying to leave the cape… what should have been a 4-hour drive ended up taking us 7 hours!!!

We had been discussing what we would do about our car situation once the baby arrived, since I had a coupe (no back doors) which wouldn’t really work with a car seat, and Luke had a Trailblazer which is way too big for me. Luke ended up doing a bunch of research and secured a great deal… we traded in my Cobalt and upgraded to a 2009 Chevy Malibu Hybrid! And… it’s gold! Here is the baby’s backseat:

Last weekend, we took the new car on a road trip to Baltimore, Maryland, where we attended Luke’s cousin’s wedding. It was a gorgeous weekend and we were right in the cute historical district (the haunted Admiral Fell Inn) right by the harbor! The wedding was on Sunday, so I took Monday off and we headed back after brunch in plenty of time to catch the season finale of Bachelor Pad with the girls!

We are finally back to stay for a while… no more trips scheduled! I will save all the pregnancy-related stuff for another post, coming soon!


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