23 Weeks & a Pain in My Butt!

I am over 23 weeks pregnant now and expanding rapidly! I have energy during the day, but I tend to get worn out pretty easily. I am trying to go to the gym a couple times per week and stretch out regularly… I need to get my strength up to carry this baby around as it gets bigger and bigger! I also want to have some strength and endurance for when the day comes where I go into labor.

On the negative side, I’ve actually been in some pain. I work at a desk and although I get up regularly to use the restrooms, re-fill my cups, and even shoot photos around the office, in the last few weeks my tailbone has been giving me more and more trouble. Having a couple road trips on the weekends obviously didn’t help either… I make sure I’m almost never on my butt once I get home since there’s no way around it at the office. I even bought a donut pillow, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I had an appointment with my midwife last week and she saw my discomfort, reminding me that if it’s this bad now, imagine how it will be when I am much further along in this pregnancy.

She referred me to a spa that does prenatal massage and the only chiropractor she trusts with her own neck. I managed to get a massage appointment on Thursday after work, and it was absolutely glorious. For the prenatal massage, they have all these pillows and wedges to make laying on your side comfortable while being massaged. Although I loved the massage, I either need to get a doctor prescription or find a therapist that deals with insurance companies because I can’t justify paying $100 a pop for regular massages at a spa, especially when I have an insurance company that covers them.

I want to make as many appointments as possible outside of regular working hours or late enough that I will only have to leave a little early, so I had to wait until this Friday for my first appointment with the chiropractor. This will be covered by insurance, and I have high hopes that the doctor will help my body adjust to all these changes, and hopefully help the tailbone issue! He has worked with many pregnant women before, and although Luke is generally against chiropractic care, he approved saying I might as well give it a shot. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, so we’ll see how this goes!


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