Pregnancy & Baby Reading List

When I get interested in a topic, I like to read pretty much everything there is out there about it. That way I have a library of information and a variety of opinions from which to create my own philosophies. As much as I hate to admit it to the many people who want to impart their knowledge and advice, including my husband, I don’t believe what people tell me until I’ve read the same thing from several reputable sources. There are just so many opinions out there, and I feel the need to figure out what I believe in my own way!

When it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and raising children, there are tons and tons of opinions. It can be tough to sort through and figure out what is right or wrong, what makes sense to you, and what you can see as a part of your lifestyle once the baby arrives. I don’t believe anyone when they tell me I will feel any certain way once I am in labor, or once I actually have this baby in my arms.

For now I am smiling and nodding, and in my spare time reading and researching. In the future I am sure I will talk about a lot of decisions I’ve made (and later, how those decisions are working out for me!) but for now, I’ll go through a few of the books that have been fantastic resources.

  1. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth: This book is really great… the first half is filled with inspiring stories of natural childbirth, then it goes on to discuss the state of childbirth and how to give yourself the best opportunity to have the birth you want.
  2. The Diaper-Free Baby: As an environmentalist and penny-pincher, I have always hated the idea of using disposable diapers. They seemed like a lot of work, but I figured I’d use cloth diapers because I assumed there was no other way, until I read Beyond the Sling by Mayim Bialik (Blossom) and discovered the concept of elimination communication (EC). I promptly ordered a couple books on the subject (I haven’t read the other one yet) and am in love with the idea!
  3. Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide: The crunchy community seems to be dead set against vaccines, whereas the conventional community shoves them in your face. I am neither, and don’t see why I have to be… I have linked to a number of articles about vaccination and understand that while some vaccines are effective with minimal side-effects, there are others that are ineffective or even dangerous. I think it’s crazy that babies receive so many vaccines in the first year of their lives, so I am researching and sorting through to figure out which we will allow our baby to receive, and which we will decline. This book provides a well-balanced perspective with a lot of research to back it up, and although I am looking at other sources as well, it is a great help in helping me understand  each decision.



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