Strange Dreams

The past two nights I’ve actually remembered the dream I was having before I woke up, which is pretty unusual for me. I think the message of the first is pretty obvious…

It was Halloween and I was pretty far along in my pregnancy- about what I think I will be in real life this Halloween. I was at a college campus running around from party to party, everyone around me getting progressively more wasted. I was at a party that one of my friends from college was throwing, and there was nothing non-alcoholic to drink so she just offered me the veggie platter. I needed a break so I locked myself in a room for a while, but people started banging and pushing in on the doors, which I was trying to keep closed with my feet. Eventually they got the doors open, and it was a bunch of little kids that wanted to play with me.

I had to use the restroom and for some reason went back to a dorm building to do so, but on my way was stopped by an aggressive drunk guy who must have not realized that my belly was real, not just a part of the costume… I had to beat him up a little to get him off me, but at least I had a major edge in that I was sober. When I got back to Luke, he said to me, “You really don’t want to be here, do you?” I think I responded with something juvenile, like “No duh!”

My big party girl days are long over, but now it’s really hitting home that my priorities are changing… I’m trying to escape the parties, be alone, and the little one(s) are taking over my life!

My dream last night was a bit more abstract…

I was just a not-pregnant, single girl in this dream. I was going to some hotel with a random group of people from my present and past. Apparently we were all going to an 80’s “Prom,” and I don’t know why we knew about this in advance, but my co-worker was going to be prom queen. She wasn’t going to be able to make it to the prom so I was accepting her crown on her behalf.

When we got to the hotel, the queen got the best suite and since I was stepping in, I got it. It was this giant, beautiful suite right on a pier with a spectacular view and champagne on ice. I was thinking how romantic it was, wishing I had someone to share it with. My sister and one of my old guy friends from high school showed up with glasses of champagne, so I asked him to pour me some too… He poured it in a tumbler and I asked him to put it in the gorgeous champagne flute that was provided instead, and it was spilling all over when he tried.

I have no idea what that one means!


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