More Tests “Needed”

My pregnancy has been “textbook perfect,” according to my midwife. We had an appointment yesterday (which I totally would have flaked on because of a nasty headache if it weren’t for Luke) and she said the baby has grown a lot! The heart rate was 140, so no indication on gender there! We discussed my options for going back to work a bit, and she agreed with my decision to wait until January 11 to start maternity leave (unless I pop earlier, of course) and that if I choose to go back to work, my current job is pretty much the ideal situation (especially if I can make a few changes to my schedule).

Since I will be 28 weeks pregnant in less than two weeks, she gave me the order for the required third trimester tests. Apparently the state requires blood to be taken again to test CBC (complete blood count) and for HIV. At this point, pregnant women are also required to have a glucose screen to see if they might have gestational diabetes.

Getting blood taken only takes a few minutes, but for the glucose screen you have to fast, chug a cup of sugar water, then wait around while your insulin spikes and an hour later they test your blood. I do not want to do this test for several reasons. First of all, I have no risk factors for gestational diabetes. I am young, normal weight, no family history, and I have low blood pressure. Next, since I follow a primal diet, I generally eat much less sugar and carbohydrates than your average pregnant lady (yes, maybe some jelly beans and ice cream, but no bread, pasta, not much fruit, no sweetened beverages). Too much sugar actually gives me a tummy ache, headache, and reactive hypoglycemia. I really don’t want to put my body through that for an unnecessary test when one of the main reasons for my diet is to prevent those symptoms.

Unfortunately, I can’t just say “No thanks!” and be done with it. There is a transfer clinic that has to sign off on my home birth at 36 weeks, and it is where I will be transferred if there are any problems when the big day comes. They are the ones who require these tests, and the ones who can clear me. I had to set up an appointment so the doctor could see me and I can plead my case… I was hoping it would be as easy as a phone call, but no such luck!


2 thoughts on “More Tests “Needed”

  1. It’s no fun having to jump through unnecessary hoops, especially when they won’t make you feel any better at the end or provide any new information. I hope the test seems to fly by.

    I have to do the glucose exam next year but it is because I have a history of diabetes and am overweight. So it makes sense for me. I do think they wouldn’t have given you the test in the UK unless you were at risk. At least, that’s the impression I got from my midwife.

    • Yeah, my midwife said that if it were up to her, she wouldn’t have me take the test, but unfortunately in order to have a home birth, we have to follow certain guidelins (or talk to the right people).

      It is definitely a very valuable test if you have risk factors- it is good to know about gestational diabetes so it can be properly monitored!

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