Random Thoughts & Glucose

Sleeping has been tough for the last few nights. It’s tough to get comfortable with only two options for sleeping positions (left and right side) and needing to extort myself around my completely necessary pregnancy pillow in order to switch positions. I normally toss and turn, but at least I used to have the option of sleeping on my belly or back so I could turn in circles throughout the night without completely waking up. Attempting to sleep has been practically an athletic event- I can never relax completely and wake up tired and sore.

Speaking of sore, I went to the chiropractor on Monday after work and told him about the random pain I was having in my lower back/glute that might have been the sciatic nerve. He did a series of adjustments, and it hasn’t hurt since I left his office! Even if my tailbone never recovers completely during this pregnancy, it will be worth keeping up with my chiropractic appointments so he can take care of any nerve issues like that!

Maybe it’s being so aware of this impending glucose test, but I have suddenly lost my craving for sugar. Eating even a little of it in processed form makes me feel sick. That’s probably a good thing, because now the baby’s brain is really starting to develop so I should be eating plenty of good fats and proteins!

Speaking of the glucose test, I had an appointment at my transfer clinic today to discuss and hopefully get out of the test. As I mentioned before, I have no risk factors for gestational diabetes, so I believe that it is ridiculous that I should subject my body to that kind of nutritional torture. The clinic is a woman-centered practice that is definitely a step up from the hospital, but it is still not what I would consider natural or alternative. Laws require women to jump through some hoops in order to have a home birth, though, and one of those hoops is that the OB-GYN has to sign off and say that I am “low-risk” before they will allow me to give birth in my home.

After some waiting around, I got in the exam room where a nurse checked my weight (first time I’ve been weighed in a few months! Up to 155…) and blood pressure (100/60 – low, but my blood pressure is normally quite low). A little while later the doctor, who has been my midwife’s backup for 14 years, came in. After introducing himself, he checked the baby’s heartbeat and asked me how things were going. I told him everything was good, except that I was having some trouble sleeping. He asked me, “Do you have a mental disorder?”

Um, what?? “No…”

“Well, some people have trouble sleeping because they are manic-depressive and get anxious at night.”

“Uh, ok… I am mostly just physically uncomfortable, and if my brain was excited last night it was because that was an awfully stimulating debate!”

That was a little weird. When we got to talking about the glucose test, he pretty much wouldn’t let me get a word in, talking about how it was important that every pregnant woman is screened. He had never heard of the Paleo diet, and didn’t react at all when I mentioned that I feel sick and experience reactive hypoglycemia when I have too much sugar. He kept on saying, “Hey! I’m not the enemy here…” Not that I was accusing him of being the enemy in any way! I replied, “I understand, I am just trying to find out if there is an alternative.”

We finally made a deal… I am not going to drink the sugar water, but have to eat 50g of carbohydrates an hour before the test. We agreed on jelly beans because they are measurable… I didn’t realize how many jelly beans that was until I got back and looked it up. Considering I never drink sweetened drinks (I even find juice to be repulsive) and don’t make a habit of eating much sugar, 50g is a ton and eating 50 jelly bellies would definitely give me a tummy ache. If anyone asks, I ate the jelly beans…

I looked up the carb content of some fruit and found that if I have an apple and a banana, it will total about 50g of carbs. It is still more fruit than I would ever eat in one sitting, but at least I will get the nutrients and none of the artificial crap.

At the end of the appointment the doctor started talking about how it was safer to give birth in a hospital… I almost started to debate but managed to reign myself in as that would not be helpful to my cause! There are just so many people, doctors especially, that subscribe to the “just in case” philosophy. My philosophy, on the other hand, is “Everything will be fine. If it’s not, we’ll deal with it.”

I texted with my midwife after the appointment and told her about the things he said. I told her, “I like going to your office so much better!!”

She said, “Lol sometimes it actually helps people who are nervous to feel better about their choice… We call him if we need him… He is a great doctor just a fast talker making sure he covers his bases. 14 years backing me and he still asks people why do you want a home birth?” Oh, and she said she has no worries about my mental health, haha!

I am just crossing my fingers that everything will go smoothly so there is no need to transfer. If all goes as planned, I will only have to go to the clinic once more at 36 weeks to be signed off for home birth, and then I am in the clear! After that time, there are only a few reasons women need to be transferred. If the baby is breech, they are required by law to give birth in a hospital (usually by Caesarean section). Also if there are any complications during labor that need medical management, or if the labor doesn’t progress, and gets to be so long and drawn out that the mother needs medical support or a C-section.


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