Third Trimester- the Home Stretch!

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant and officially in my third trimester! It’s the home stretch… three months to go. It seems like a short time, but it was only a little over three months ago that we announced our pregnancy and that seems like forever ago!!! Luckily the holidays are coming up, and time usually goes by quicker with all the festivities. Next weekend we are hosting a Halloween party, then it will be on to Thanksgiving planning.

My family is planning to come out for Thanksgiving since I will be pretty heavily pregnant then, but will be too pregnant to host a ton of people by Christmas! I am beyond excited to fill our house up with people we love, and spend the long weekend eating, drinking and celebrating.

Speaking of Christmas, I am trying to do as much shopping in advance as possible, since I will be in no condition to be battling the crowds and carrying tons of bags through icy parking lots during last-minute shopping trips.

December is also Luke’s birthday, but I am happy to say that I already have his gifts! Check off the list! And we agreed that this baby is going to cost a lot and is a perfect gift to each other, so we’ll hold off (or maybe do a $20 max) on Christmas gifts for each other this year.

A little jump in topic here- It’s probably just hormones, but I am feeling a bit weepy today, like I need a good cry. I surprised Luke a week or so ago with some random tears… I’m not usually very emotional, and he really had no idea what to do with me. Maybe time to watch a Disney movie and let it out?

On a lighter note, I finally got a video of the baby giving one of its good kicks! My next goal is to get a video of  the baby rolling or riverdancing or kickboxing or whatever it does to make my whole belly wobble…


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