Back up and running!

A friend of mine is a reporter for the Minnesota news station KARE 11, and knowing I was now living out on the East Coast and still out of power after Sandy, she asked me to do a Skype interview. Here is the segment along with a glimpse of my baby bump!

Seemingly just to prove my doubt was unfounded, our power finally came back on last night! We are fully back in the 21st Century now, after 11 days without power.

I want to use this forum to thank my husband for taking such good care of me over the last couple weeks. After the storm, he was out there cutting up the fallen trees. When it got cold he was lugging in firewood, collecting gas, and keeping the generator running so I would be warm. He ran cords all over the house so we could use lamps and have some semblance of normalcy. When I was feeling exhausted and stressed, he cooked us up dinner on the grill. Towards the end, he even had the generator wired into the house so we could use the furnace, and now it is all ready for the next storm that wipes us off the grid!

Not to brag, but I married a great one 🙂


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