31-Week Update

The baby is due in two months! I can’t believe how time is flying, and I am happy about it because there is a lot to look forward to. My family will be coming into town in just over a week, and I am so giddy to see them and share Thanksgiving with them! I am very independent and love my new home out East (when there’s decent weather and power, that is!) and my family here, but sometimes I just long for the company of my parents and siblings- the familiarity of what I had growing up. After that is Luke’s birthday, Christmas, New Years, and then baby Shim‘s birthday!

On Saturday we had an appointment with our midwife and we spoke about all the things coming up… We have our childbirth classes scheduled with our doula in December, and we need to get certain things for the birth including a childbirth kit (ordered- check!) and a variety of food to sustain me and my “staff” during labor. Judy measured my blood pressure (still low!) and my belly, and told us that the baby should be about 7 – 7.5 lbs when it is born. She also still thinks, for whatever reason, that the baby will come early! I hope that she is right on both counts… a healthy, small-ish baby on or before the due date (January 11) would be perfect.

Yesterday Luke and I took the hike out to IKEA to get some much-needed furniture! We spent a few hours there and got the media console/storage cabinet for the living room that I have been wanting for a long time, then a dresser for the bedroom, a dresser for the loft, 4 stools for the kitchen, and 2 high chairs- one folding with no tray (pulls right up to the table!) and one solid wood with a snap-on, easy-to-clean plastic tray. The rest of the day we spent assembling all these various pieces… all I can say is I am sore and exhausted from all that work, but am pleased at the results!

I have a LOT of stuff to do this week and weekend in preparation for Thanksgiving weekend, but it will all be worth it when I see our families all together celebrating this joyous holiday!!!


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