Giving Thanks

This is a very busy but fun week for me this year! My older sister Liz, her husband Tony, their two beautiful daughters Honor and Sailor, and their poor old dog Buster packed it all up in Minnesota on Friday night and began the road trip out here. We weren’t sure if they were going to visit some family in NC before coming up to NJ for Thanksgiving or if they would come straight here, but after the first stretch of the long drive, they opted to come here! They rolled in around 3am on Sunday and after settling in, we all went right to bed.

I have to say, Honor and Sailor are amazing little girls. Honor is four and Sailor is one and a half, and they are both so warm and open. We try to Skype regularly, so there is not a second of hesitation when they see us even though we only get together a few times per year. Luke commented, “I hope our kid loves us as much as they do!” I am so astounded seeing how they grow and see the world… I feel so much joy and love when I am around them that I can’t even imagine how I will feel when we have a child of our own to love and protect.

I only had a couple days of vacation time left for the year so I took them Wednesday and Monday, since we weren’t expecting anyone to arrive until Tuesday at the earliest. Yesterday I worked, had a chiropractor appointment (I swear, this is helping me so much!) jetted to the grocery as fast as the NJ rush hour traffic would allow, and got back in time to host the girls for our DWTS girls night! It was a lot of fun having Liz there and having the girls make an appearance (Honor even went around and gave everyone a hug and a kiss good night!), and then hanging out and chatting for a bit when the show was over and Tony And Luke re-emerged.

Today I am at work again before my super-long weekend! My parents are arriving tomorrow morning and the weekend will be filled with family, friends, and general gaiety! I will miss my brother who is stuck back in MN for work, but I am so overjoyed to have the house filled with people that we love. We are hosting Thanksgiving and the Black Friday Lobster Feast – a tradition we started a few years ago – and then the baby shower is on Saturday!

I am just so thankful for all of the people in our lives that love us and care for us, and who love this baby before it has even emerged.


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