Thanksgiving Weekend & The Baby Shower!

Thanksgiving weekend was amazing! I only get to see my family a few times a year, so it was fantastic to have everyone (except my brother who had to work all weekend… boo Black Friday!) out and sharing a roof!

Thanksgiving day was probably the most exhausting for me. We cleaned, set up all the tables and decor, and cooked a ton of food before hosting 16 people for a feast. It all went very well, but I was so drained on Friday! We were hosting even more people – 20 – for the dinner, but it was way less work because Luke and a couple others were handling the lobster and everyone was bringing a lot of sides to supplement the lobster and leftovers. All I made was a casserole with the leftover turkey. We also set up the Christmas tree and got the house all festive! I spent a lot more time on the couch during this party just relaxing, and we had Elf (my favorite Christmas movie ever) playing before dinner. Lucky for me, my mom and mother-in-law made themselves busy with dishes after both feasts, so that helped me out a ton!!!

I loved seeing all our little nieces playing together, and every little girl under the age of 10 thinks I am having a girl!

After the family fun of the precious couple days, Saturday we had our baby shower! It was not like any baby shower I had ever been to before, it was more like a wedding reception haha. I wanted it to be co-ed because my family was in town and I wanted Luke there (it’s both our baby, after all!) so my in-laws hosted it at the same manor where we had our East Coast wedding reception. There were about 60 people there, lots of food and a bar!

It reminded me how much support we have, and how many people love this baby before it’s even born. We are so blessed!!!

We, of course, got a lot of presents for the baby- a lot of the stuff we needed, a few things to return, and some gift certificates to get what’s left! What was cool was after the shower, there were tons of Cyber Monday sales so I was actually able to get a bunch of stuff from our registry that we didn’t receive as gifts for a good deal. Now that we have a crib, car seats, a stroller, and all the main stuff, I feel much more prepared for the arrival of our little one!

Everyone left on Monday morning – Liz, Tony and the kids by car, and Mom and Dad by plane. After I dropped my parents off at the airport, I got a flat tire on the highway on the way back. What a cliche… pregnant lady stranded on the side of the highway haha. Luckily Luke came to my rescue, and when the hole was too big to patch, he had a tow truck come and drove me back. He replaced the tire the same day, and currently my car is at the shop getting tuned up! All things considered, that could have been way worse, but it was a clear day, there was no traffic, big shoulder, and I was able to pull over easily before my rim had any damage.

I did get a little choked up when I remembered I nightmare I had involving myself in a car wreck, tons of traffic, and Luke trying to get to me to no avail. In my dream I got thrown from my car and was bleeding on the ground. I knew I was critical but could feel the baby kicking and knew it was OK, so all I was thinking was that I needed an ambulance so they could cut the baby out of me to save it. Terrifying!!! Thank God it wasn’t anything like that, and we are both totally fine!

All in all, my long weekend was fantastic. I loved seeing my family and friends, and just being surrounded by so much love!!!


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