Baby Shim’s Personality

It may be a bit early, but I’ve already assigned some personality traits to this little one in my womb!


Baby and I, and sometimes daddy, play a little whack-a-mole type game through the walls of my belly. Sometimes Shim will stick a foot out, we’ll touch it or press on it lightly, and the baby will retract and stick it out somewhere else… this little game with our unborn baby can last up to 5 minutes!


The baby seems to know the difference between me or Luke and other people… the baby may be moving like crazy, and the minute someone else talks to me or touches my belly, Shim will immediately still and wait a good five minutes before starting up again.


I seriously hope this baby sleeps more once it comes out, but currently it’s feeding on a continuous stream of my energy to fuel its workouts and playtime, and never seems to sleep more than an hour at a time.


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