Labor May be Looming

Remember how at our childbirth classes, our doula told us to have regular sex? Well, it seems to be true what they say, that sex can really jumpstart labor. Not long after completing our “assignment” yesterday evening, I started to get an ache in my lower back. Soon enough I started having contractions, and they didn’t ease up when I walked around, laid down, anything… they definitely felt different from the BH contractions I’ve been having.

I figured it was nothing for a while, but they were getting pretty consistent and close together. When they didn’t seem to be going away, I texted our midwife Judy around 10:45p.m. and let her know what had been happening. Luke and I started timing them and they were lasting just under a minute, about 4 minutes apart. Judy gave me some suggestions that might help slow down the contractions, so I had a glass of wine, relaxed and chatted with my parents while Luke ran around packing stuff and installed the baby seat in the car just in case.

On a tangent, I called my mom on FaceTime (she has an iPhone now too – yay!) and the first thing she asked me was, “Are you in labor?” I gave her the rundown of what was happening and how I wanted to put it off for a few more days so I could have my home birth. She told me a bit about her births… My oldest sister, her first child, was due on June 8th but born on May 13 – that’s about where I am now. The baby is due January 11 but the baby seems to want to come and it’s only December 18th!

I was born about a week and a half early, and my mom’s labor was only four hours from start to finish. Then when my mom was pregnant with my brother, she started having so many contractions so early on that the doctor gave her Terbutaline pills to take when she started going into labor. She stopped taking them at 37 weeks, and then my brother did not arrive until 2 days before his due date, her latest baby! And he was 9.5 lbs, so she was thinking she should have let him come early!

Back to my adventure so far…

After a while the intensity eased up a bit, and I took Valerian Root and went to sleep. Before I got out of bed this morning, I had a couple contractions, but they felt much more like the BH contractions I had before. They got stronger and more frequent when I got up to get ready for work though, so after some thought decided to stay home & relax (though I have been doing some work from here- I have a lot of loose ends at the office!!!)

I am still having regular contractions, so Judy recommended I move up my appointment for GBS and have them check to see if I am dialating at all. I got an appointment 3:45 this afternoon so Luke is going to take off work and take me… I guess we’ll bring our bags just in case! I am 36 weeks 4 days now, so hopefully this slows/stops, or at least the baby agrees to hold off until Friday when we can do it at home! Otherwise we might be potentially heading to Morristown Hospital. As long as I am relaxing, the contractions don’t seem to be getting any worse, but they are still consistent and regular.

The baby is awake now and moving around between contractions, so I’m glad to know Shim is doing well in there!


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