Baby H Impending Arrival Update

I am now 36 weeks, 5 days! Luke took me in to the clinic yesterday afternoon for my appointment and we got in to see the doctor around 4:30. After the GBS swab she performed a quick vaginal exam to see if the contractions I’d been having were actually doing anything… it turns out they had. I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced, meaning the baby is coming! Who knows when, but it is on its way. I asked of they’d just send the GBS results to Judy, and Tina, the doctor, said, “they might not come in before the baby is born!”

I updated Judy and Teresa on the way home, and I guess Tina called Judy. They made an agreement that I could have a home birth – I guess since I am so close to 37 weeks and the baby is in perfect position, it was fine with them! Judy and Teresa still encouraged me to lay low since it’s so early… the longer the baby cooks, the better!

Luke dropped me off at home then went back to work for an hour or so longer, then picked up dinner on the way home. My contractions eased up significantly over the course of the evening, and when I woke up during the night, I only felt the baby working out. In the morning I had a couple contractions, but they were very light and separated by about ten minutes so I decided to head into the office.

I am just tying up loose ends so if I go into active labor I don’t have to worry about anything at the office, and this afternoon I am talking to HR about disability and maternity leave. Contractions have remained slow throughout the day- much more like BH where I barely notice them. Once I have everything taken care of around here, then I will be fine if the baby decides to come!


5 thoughts on “Baby H Impending Arrival Update

  1. I had those contractions at like 34 weeks and thought they were going to get me on a fast track to baby town! ….not so much. Once I felt the ACTIVE labor contractions, I was floored by the difference. I couldn’t breathe through them, couldn’t see, couldn’t talk, couldn’t think….it was nuts! Even though the DR deemed my early contractions as real ones, I had no idea how much different they would be later on!

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