No Christmas Baby!

Sunday night I had another bout of crazy contractions a few minutes apart, accompanied by lower back pain and pelvic pressure, and went to bed wondering if it would keep up. On Monday, Christmas Eve, I had consistent contractions six minutes apart all day, but they never picked up. In the evening we went over to my sister-in-law’s for dinner and the kids were running around screaming- the baby started moving around like crazy, and the contractions stopped completely! I think the baby got a little freaked out haha…

Since then I’ve just had some BH contractions, and am still hoping the baby will wait until the new year! Although it would be cool to be able to mark the baby as a deduction in this year’s taxes, and of course I will be thrilled whenever the baby decides to join us, I have a couple thoughts on why I’d like the baby to stay in for just a little while longer.

I always saw women who were nine months pregnant and thought, Aww, she looks so miserable!! Oddly, I don’t feel that way. I have the same aches and pains and fatigue that I’ve had for the past few months, and I can deal with them for a little longer.

This week and next week I have 3-day weeks at work because of Christmas and New Years, so I don’t want to waste any of my maternity leave on short weeks!

For the kid’s sake, it would probably be better if the kid’s birthday isn’t too close to a holiday so it doesn’t just get lumped in! I feel bad for people who have a birthday right around Christmas and just get one present for both, or don’t get a birthday party because everyone has holiday parties to attend. New Years wouldn’t be so bad because a lot of the time people are looking for things to do, but it would be best for the kid to have his or her birthday a few days or a week after at least! Also, there is so much excitement and events already in December, and it all just stops abruptly after the New Year. Having a birthday to celebrate in January would just extend the fun a little longer!

Today I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant, so the baby could come very soon, or it could stay in for another month… it will be interesting to see what happens!


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