GBS Results

Unfortunately I tested positive for Group B Strep, so I have to receive antibiotics during labor. About 25% of women carry GBS and it’s usually not a big deal, especially when treated. All things considered, I am glad this is the only hiccup I’ve had during this whole pregnancy, and I have no other risk factors for GBS so the likelihood of anything happening to the baby is very small.

The normal treatment for GBS is penicillin during labor, but I am allergic. When a mother is allergic to penicillin the doctors test her cultures with other antibiotics to find out what will react – in my case, I will receive Cefazolin.

Obviously I am not super thrilled to get antibiotics because I am keenly aware of the damage they can do to gut flora, and I want our baby to be born vaginally and receive all that good bacteria to populate its sterile gut. I don’t want the baby to get the bad bacteria though, and potentially a super harmful disease along with it!


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