Is this what S/him looks like?

I think it’s safe to say my coworkers are exciting about the impending arrival of Baby H…

Studio C's drawings

I have never been around a pregnant woman on a daily basis before, so I never heard about all the daily events that pregnancy entails. My sister was across the country from me when she went through her pregnancies and my sister-in-law and friends who have had babies I only saw every few weeks. I’ve never watched as someone’s belly grew before my eyes, never had someone around enough that questions were sparked in my mind. I’ve learned most of what I know about pregnancy through being pregnant, just like I will learn most of what I know about babies and kids through being a mom (I’ve never been around babies or children much either!)

In this way I can understand my coworkers’ curiosity and excitement. None of them have been through this themselves, but they have been there with me pretty much every step of the way. Of course, I don’t give them all the gory details!

It’s pretty funny though, that the baby will know my voice the best, followed by Luke’s, then probably my coworkers since he/she hears their voices almost every day!


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