Like most women, I am a lot of things. Professionally I am a photographer and designer. Personally I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, mommy to a bunch of furry and feathered critters, traveler, adventure-seeker, lazy bum, chef, researcher, wino, singer, hostess, photographer (yes, this goes in both categories), nutritionist, and lots of other things.

I have a few big interests/passions.

The one everyone knows about is photography. My photo blog is located at dzignjulz.com and I try to update regularly. I love to find beauty in the world… it is especially fabulous and gratifying shooting portraits of people and children. There is something exciting about showing someone an image, and seeing them surprised and happy about the way that I see them through my lens.

Most people also know about my passion for health, nutrition and food. For many years I perfected my conventional “healthy” diet full of whole grains, lean meats, and lots of veggies. I just couldn’t figure out why I would have crazy blood sugar swings and why it was so difficult to keep my weight stable. This was until I discovered Paleo about a year ago. My diet is still not perfect, but I am continuing to learn about real food nutrition and getting better all the time. I also no longer suffer from “the shakes” when I haven’t eaten for a few hours, and my weight has remained constant without counting calories or going to the gym every single day.

This third passion slot used to be reserved for traveling, which I absolutely love! I have made some life choices though, and I no longer envision a nomad lifestyle of traveling the world as a starving artist. I still plan to travel, but nowadays all my vacation time seems to go towards visiting family in Minnesota and family vacations!

I now have a growing passion for love and family. For many years I didn’t believe that I would find a lasting relationship or someone I could imagine spending my life with… At least until I was much older! I also didn’t care whether or not I had kids, I figured it would depend on if I found a man and if I did, whether or not he wanted kids. Who knew I would find Luke when I was 22, and actually be married at 26?! Only an amazing man could wrangle me in so soon! And as chance would have it, Luke can’t wait to have kids- in fact, we already have 9. I have warmed up to the idea of children, and am coming to terms with the responsibilities that are on their way. The more I learn, the more I am excited about what the future holds!


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