Back to the Gym

For the first few months of my pregnancy, I haven’t been able to get up the energy to go to the gym. The most I’ve done is aggressive cleaning and an occasional hike, which is far less than my previous Crossfit a couple times a week then the YMCA and hiking/long walks other days.

I have noticed that with my expanding tummy, my abs are starting to actually get sore. I was really fit before I got pregnant, so those muscles that I gained through intense workouts are now stretching out around my ever-expanding uterus. It was kind of odd to be sore without actually exercising!

My body has been tired and achy, which has always been a sign for me that I need to get out and move. Although my energy is not fully recovered, I dragged myself to the Y this morning to ease myself back into it… I’m not as strong as I was, and I have relaxin loosening up all these joints, so I decided to go the safe route and did a few rounds on weights machines as opposed to free weights or Bosu ball stuff I normally like to do. As I get more comfortable exercising again, I might add other stuff back in and hopefully get my strength and endurance up for birthing!

I also weighed myself… I don’t have a scale at home and am generally not interested in my weight as long as my clothes fit- I just weigh myself once in a while at the gym to make sure I stay around the same range. Before I started Crossfit, my weight hovered around 127 lbs. and 18% body fat. Through Crossfit I gained a few pounds of muscle, and just before I got pregnant I was weighing in at about 131 lbs, still 18% body fat (I think all my wine drinking contributed to that). Today I weighed myself and came in at 138 lbs, 21% body fat (finally hitting the “normal” instead of “low” range). Funny enough, I still weigh less than I did at my highest during senior year of high school!

I’ve read that women should gain 2-4 lbs. during the first trimester and obviously I am beyond that, but I think 7 lbs. is right on track for where I am with my pregnancy. I am now about 14 weeks pregnant so part of the weight is my lemon-sized baby, the larger uterus and placenta, and all the extra blood pumping through my body. My boobs have gone up a size, and I think I’ve gained a very small amount of fat on my thighs and butt, judging by the fit of my jeans… I hear that provides the baby with DHA / EPA during breastfeeding so good. I didn’t have morning sickness and was much hungrier than usual, didn’t exercise much, and ate some things I wouldn’t normally eat, all contributing to the gain. Oddly enough, I haven’t gained any fat on my belly where I normally gain first – it’s gotten bigger, obviously, but My ab muscles are still visible and it is quite firm! So although I’ve gained some weight, I think it’s going where it’s supposed to go for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

I am just hoping that I will be able to move more now and keep my hunger relatively in check so that I don’t gain excessively during the next six months. I was in no way underweight before I got pregnant but my body fat was on the low side, so I’m thinking I should aim for about a 30 lb. weight gain (bringing me up to 160 lbs. – holy crap!). If I gain less, awesome! I want to try not to gain more, though!