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Uh oh… here’s a Link Love that I never published! I had to edit my text a little bit because I talked about after the baby comes haha…


All About Teeth!

When I was young, I got a few cavities. When I was older, I started really caring about how my teeth looked, so I brushed often, flossed occasionally, and used Crest Whitestrips when my teeth started yellowing. My dentist even complimented the condition of my teeth, but all was not perfect. I still have a small retainer glued to the back of my bottom front teeth which my dentist refuses to remove, and despite all my brushing and flossing, plaque always seems to build up back there. Also, I have gotten a lot of little chips in my front teeth- most recently, I accidentally bit down on my fork and took a hunk out of my tooth. I was going to go get it filled, but it’s not all the way through and it isn’t sensitive, so there’s no real reason.

With all of my progress toward natural living, I figured this might be a good time to think about a new option for dental care. I have read that I’m not supposed to whiten my teeth during pregnancy, and have heard for years about how dangerous Fluoride is, but I have never bothered to really look into it or switch it up.

The other day I stumbled across this article about how Julia Roberts has always brushed her teeth with just baking soda, and it just seemed like such an easy thing to try! I even already had a custard cup of baking soda sitting on my counter, so I just wetted my toothbrush, dipped it in, and brushed away. I have to say, it didn’t taste good, and I rinsed my mouth with a minty mouthwash after. My teeth looked beautiful, though. After a couple days I noticed that the build-up around my retainer was going away- it was much easier to slip my floss in there! They feel very clean and smooth after brushing with baking soda.

I am hoping that this method will help my teeth remineralize, and maybe eventually the chip will go away naturally! Here’s an article on how to remineralize teeth naturally.

The toothpaste recipes I’ve come across seem like a little too much work for me considering I have no idea where to get most of the ingredients without ordering online, but there are plenty of one-ingredient alternatives (baking soda included) or just simpler ways to do it. I intend to acquire some peppermint oil, then mix it with baking soda and coconut oil and try that out as a better-tasting natural solution! Eventually I will update on how it all seems to be working!

I Hate Ants

Last year in our old kitchen, we had a little ant problem. We thought that it was because our kitten Bo had been sneaking through a little hole under the counter, and that he had stirred up a nest. I think we were wrong though…

We just had our kitchen re-modeled- everything is brand new. And the ants came. I am pretty sure they have a nest in the wall- they are coming in through an outlet in the backsplash by the sink. I’ve been keeping everything clean and locking the dishwasher, but they still come. I have been spraying them with vinegar, but that doesn’t seem to stop more from coming. We got some ant traps, but the ants don’t seem to be interested.

I finally looked up some natural ways to get rid of ants, and got a whole bunch of suggestions. First, I surrounded the area with cinnamon. The ants seemed to walk around on the cinnamon with no problem though, contrary to what several blogs existed.

Next, I cut open a bag of mint tea and poured it around the area, along with some crushed red pepper. The ants seemed to avoid these a little more, but how to kill the nest???

I mixed some Comet with some honey and put it in a small dish by the outlet. I don’t know if they’ll touch it, but I did have some of the mixture on the spoon I used to mix it up, and used that to crush some ants.

Finally, I read that ants don’t like soap. And they don’t like mint. So I mixed some peppermint castille soap with my vinegar/windex/water bottle so I have a foamy, minty spray to get them directly. This combo seems to be pretty lethal… They can’t swim out and keep going lie they sometimes did when I sprayed them with vinegar.

I am still not sure if the nest will die from my current strategy, but I think I have all of the ants that have ventured into the kitchen dead (or at least immobilized). Hopefully the ants will realize that this is a hostile environment and they will pack up and leave…

Have you ever had an ant problem? How did you solve it?