36 Weeks- Time flies when you’re having fun!

T – 1 week until baby “Shim” is full-term!

If this were happening any other time of the year, the last few weeks would probably just drag by. Luckily for me, the combination of holiday activities, Luke’s birthday, and all things baby-related are just making the time fly!

Tuesday my tailbone was killing me so bad at work that I left halfway through the day to work from my couch, which was a lifesaver. It’s not an option for me every day, but luckily I just had one big project that was easy enough to tackle on my laptop.

Wednesday was Luke’s 32nd birthday! He got home late on Tuesday night and opened his big gift… I had a photo from our honeymoon (below) blown up and printed onto canvas:

Humpback Whales - Juneau, AK

I figured we could always look at it and remember the amazing adventure that jumpstarted our married life!

On Wednesday during the day we had our company holiday party. We got to sleep in, then roll into the office around 11am for some food and drinks before bussing to the mall. Coyne gave us each money to spend on ourselves – I finally got the awesome massager from Brookstone that I have been eying for a while!! I also power shopped and checked a bunch of Christmas presents off my list… I didn’t want to have to go to the mall again! Luckily, I had plenty of co-workers who were happy to help me carry my bags! After the mall, we came back to the office for some games and more food and drinks. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time I got home!

We went over to Luke’s parents’ for a Beef Wellington dinner (yumm!!!), then his younger sisters came over for a bit to hang out and have dessert. I was half hanging out and half cleaning, since our midwives were coming for their first home visit the next day and I didn’t want them to think we were slobs… Luke opened he last of his presents- a pile of goodies from Omaha Steaks 🙂

Luke's Birthday

After all the fun and excitement of Wednesday, my body rebelled… I was back and forth to the bathroom all night, I think because my tummy did not like something I ate. Luckily the baby was unaffected- it was dancing in my belly even while I was on the toilet at one point haha. I stayed home on Thursday and worked in the morning, and my tummy was okay again by midday. My throat was (and still is) hurting and I had barely slept the night before, so I stayed home the rest of the day.

The midwives came at about 12:30- Judy, our regular midwife, and Kasey, her back-up. Both women will be at the birth as long as none of their other girls go into labor at the same time! The baby is still head down and heart rate at 140 (the baby will not give us any hints about its sex!!) and I measured in at 35cm, meaning the baby is still tracking a little small. They said it’s a very good sign that I’ve been having so many BH contractions! I definitely have more when I am active and standing- not so much when I am sitting or relaxing. I feel like that information may come in handy at some point. Even though the baby is small, Judy is still pretty sure it will come early or on time.

The midwives said our house is pretty much ideal for home birth which is good, and our bathtub is big enough if I want to labor there. I might start off there and move to the birthing tub later on – it’s just easier to keep an actual bathtub warm, and the water can be drained and re-filled much more easily. I just have to make sure it’s clean and ready to go, since most of the time it’s unused and filled with cat hair!

Time will continue to fly as it has, I’m sure… Tonight we are going out with friends for Luke’s birthday, tomorrow we have our second childbirth class (we gave up the tickets for the Grinch because it would have been a little too tight for us to get there in time with minimal stress), then next week I have my sign-off appointment with the Group B strep test, then next Friday I’ll be full-term! Activities continue after that, of course, but for every invitation we give more of a tentative “yes” – all depending on how I am feeling at that point.

I know that women give birth all the time, all over the world, but it’s really exciting when it’s YOU, and YOUR baby!


Baby Shim’s Personality

It may be a bit early, but I’ve already assigned some personality traits to this little one in my womb!


Baby and I, and sometimes daddy, play a little whack-a-mole type game through the walls of my belly. Sometimes Shim will stick a foot out, we’ll touch it or press on it lightly, and the baby will retract and stick it out somewhere else… this little game with our unborn baby can last up to 5 minutes!


The baby seems to know the difference between me or Luke and other people… the baby may be moving like crazy, and the minute someone else talks to me or touches my belly, Shim will immediately still and wait a good five minutes before starting up again.


I seriously hope this baby sleeps more once it comes out, but currently it’s feeding on a continuous stream of my energy to fuel its workouts and playtime, and never seems to sleep more than an hour at a time.

33-Week Midwife Appointment

We have started 2-per-month appointments with our midwife, and had an appointment yesterday. Everything is still good- my belly measured in at 33cm and BP 100/60. When Judy listened in on the baby’s heart, the baby kicked at her probe! “Active baby!”

She also had a couple extra birthing tubs from births where they didn’t end up using them, so she gave one to us… awesome! That, along with a short to-do-list for the next few weeks.

She reminded us that I was 33 weeks, 5 days pregnant, so in just over 3 weeks I will be full-term and free to give birth at home! It’s totally nuts to me that I could be giving birth so soon, but at least we have all the stuff we need should the baby come early. My guess date is January 11, but the baby could come as early as December 22 and be perfectly fine! I am thinking it will be after the New Year sometime, though maybe early since I sometimes feel the baby trying to dig its way out 😉

Judy also mentioned a couple other things that made me happy… First, she said that she wished more pregnant women ate a diet like me. I don’t stick to it 100% of the time, but most of the time, and for that reason I have not ballooned up and have had a healthy and easy pregnancy so far.

Also, at the beginning of our appointment Luke ran out to move his truck and a couple recycling bins for her, and as soon as he left, Judy started saying how he was such a nice, great guy! Of course I knew that already, but I love it when other people notice how amazing he is… I couldn’t have chosen a better partner in this journey and I am so proud of him.

Link Love

  1. Parenting and technology… Crying babies are given pacifiers, at home kids are sat in front of a TV to distract them, and in public, many parents give their kids phones or iPads to play with. What ever happened to old-fashioned connection to soothe whiny kids?
  2. We all know that food can do many things to your body, but now a new study shows that fast food lowers children’s IQs!
  3. Interested in the primal/paleo way of eating, but reading a lot of conflicting philosophies? Robb Wolf lays out the “7 Shades of Paleo” here- the many different approaches people take to the diet/lifestyle! I am a combination between Primal and 80/20 – I do dairy very well and feel better with than without, so I include high-quality dairy as a part of my regular diet and that puts me more in the Primal camp. I also eat things here and there which are not even close to Paleo, but I figure it’s okay as long as I am eating well the majority of the time! This keeps the whole diet much less stressful.
  4. 8 Ways to determine your baby’s position in the womb! I’ve been curious about this for a while… I’ve been pretty sure that the baby is head-down for a while now by what my midwife said and the way it wedges itself into my pelvis sometimes while still kicking elsewhere. I just had what was very clearly a foot sticking out right under my rib (a common spot for this baby to kick) so I believe that the baby is in the anterior position. I also think this because my belly is nice and round sticking out. I think the baby turns side-to-side regularly, but never really turns around fully or flips upside-down anymore.
  5. This is pretty amazing and super informative… comprehensive timeline of the breastfed baby!

Third Trimester- the Home Stretch!

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant and officially in my third trimester! It’s the home stretch… three months to go. It seems like a short time, but it was only a little over three months ago that we announced our pregnancy and that seems like forever ago!!! Luckily the holidays are coming up, and time usually goes by quicker with all the festivities. Next weekend we are hosting a Halloween party, then it will be on to Thanksgiving planning.

My family is planning to come out for Thanksgiving since I will be pretty heavily pregnant then, but will be too pregnant to host a ton of people by Christmas! I am beyond excited to fill our house up with people we love, and spend the long weekend eating, drinking and celebrating.

Speaking of Christmas, I am trying to do as much shopping in advance as possible, since I will be in no condition to be battling the crowds and carrying tons of bags through icy parking lots during last-minute shopping trips.

December is also Luke’s birthday, but I am happy to say that I already have his gifts! Check off the list! And we agreed that this baby is going to cost a lot and is a perfect gift to each other, so we’ll hold off (or maybe do a $20 max) on Christmas gifts for each other this year.

A little jump in topic here- It’s probably just hormones, but I am feeling a bit weepy today, like I need a good cry. I surprised Luke a week or so ago with some random tears… I’m not usually very emotional, and he really had no idea what to do with me. Maybe time to watch a Disney movie and let it out?

On a lighter note, I finally got a video of the baby giving one of its good kicks! My next goal is to get a video of  the baby rolling or riverdancing or kickboxing or whatever it does to make my whole belly wobble…

Kickboxing Mango Vampire Baby

When I woke up this morning, all I wanted to do was go back to sleep for another couple hours, but like a responsible adult I got myself ready and headed to work.

At around 11:30 or so I started feeling movement in my belly, and the kicks got to be pretty strong by my belly button around noon. I put my hand on my belly, and felt a kick from the outside for the first time!

I have come to the conclusion that this mango-sized baby is sucking all of the energy out of me to fuel its kickboxing workout in my womb. Hopefully Shim will be kicking again later so Luke can feel it too!