Cuteness & Pumping

My last post was a little depressing, so I wanted to add a little cuteness!

Audrey loves the little bear she got from her cousins in Minnesota:


Audrey’s “Uncle” Dan picked this up at a sale in his office, I hope she lives up to the name!:


She might be a couch potato… Audrey loves TV! Here she is watching Ancient Aliens (in the second image, she’s on her potty!):


Luke snapped this photo of her and I sleeping in the morning:


In an adorable Dr. Seuss outfit we got at her shower:


Audrey is such a happy baby that she smiles in her sleep:



I’ve written on breastfeeding and pumping, but I have learned more since. I started work a couple weeks ago and have been pumping in the wonderful lactation room at my office. I soon realized that I would need to be pumping more than Audrey could eat… Since she doesn’t actually suck on the bottle, her care providers have to squeeze the milk into her mouth and hope she drinks it. She never finishes a bottle, only drinking half an ounce or one ounce max. I’ve started bagging my milk in 1-1.5oz portions so there is less waste, but it’s much better if there is too much milk than not enough!

I was concerned when I first started back at work, because it seemed like I barely had anything, and only pumped a couple ounces total during the day. I read up on how to increase supply while pumping, and it actually ended up being an easy fix! The more you pump, the more your body produces.

So here’s my basic schedule for the day:

8am – Wake up Audrey and nurse if she is hungry
8:45 – Drop Audrey off at daycare and nurse
9:15 – Once I settle in at work, pump
10:30 – Pump
12:30 – Visit Audrey at daycare and nurse
1:30 – Back at work, pump remaining milk
3:30 – Pump
5:30 – Pick Audrey up and nurse

Supposedly you make more milk in the morning, so it can really boost your supply to pump regularly (even if you just nursed), and even dry pumping can get the milk factory going. I use the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump and it’s great- it literally takes me less than 5 minutes to completely empty myself out. And with this strategy, I have majorly increased my supply!



Back to Work

I was not good about updating this blog as long as I was on maternity leave. As it turns out, when you have a little baby your time is divided between taking care of her, feeding yourself, and attempting to keep house! But now I am back at work, baby-free and planted in front of a computer! Now excuse me while I go pump…

Luckily I am coming back to a great environment. I just used the lactation room- I was the first woman to ever use it for its intended purpose! It had been used for some storage, but has everything I need. Chair, outlet, mini fridge, sink, a tv on the wall, and privacy. Susan, the office admin, said she would get a table (I put my pump on a box for now) and a lamp (ambiance is everything, right?), then I’ll probably get a small rack for drying the pump pieces. It’s kind of like my own private room for the next few months! I have one coworker who is pregnant and due in about a month, and she plans to breastfeed so then we’ll share the room if I am still pumping then (I plan to be).

I think the hardest part about coming back is actually the feeding. Audrey is not a fan of bottles or even pacifiers, so I don’t know for sure that she will eat enough when it isn’t coming straight from me. She’ll get used to it I’m sure, but for the first couple weeks I’ll probably drop by her day care during lunch to make sure she gets at least one good feeding for the day. Today Luke dropped by with Audrey so I could breastfeed her in the backseat of the truck! Knowing I’d see her soon helped me get through the morning, I think, because I didn’t have a super long day ahead of me before I would see her again.

Audrey - 3 months

Speaking of seeing her, Audrey is 3 months old today! Somehow time has dragged and flown by at the same time. It seems like it has been forever since I gave birth to her, but I feel like I have been a mommy to this little baby as long as I can remember!