I was working on a post about breastfeeding but I’ll save it for tomorrow because this is just too good… Just for fun I thought I’d show you all this troll’s comment I received this morning:

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 11.47.08 AM

First of all, Sam Josef clearly has not read my blog or he would realize that both my baby’s father and I are both well educated, relatively good looking, and that I am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, so the chances of having fat, dumb ugly kids are fairly small.

Even if his whole comment weren’t so stupid, it amazes me that people really think this way. Sure, the world is overpopulated, but to actively seek out a pregnant woman online to insult and blame for said overpopulation? Scumbag, really?? I think it is more of a scumbag move to go trolling comments.

Also, he cited his URL as “” – wow. So he thinks that dumb, poor people should be having kids, whereas smart people with the means to take care of their family should not? Or is he saying that only dumb, poor people actually have kids? He’s either backwards or just completely wrong. Smart people also have families, and it is important that they procreate in order to produce offspring that will be productive members of society, if not leaders in the future.

I would have thought that he was just working in a cubicle, his job being to comment on blogs in order to create trackback links to his website, but his URL is not a real site, his email address is not at a real address, and his IP address doesn’t tell me a thing except that he’s in the Asia Pacific Network (plus those comments are usually much more positive and grammatically incorrect haha). I guess he is just someone who hates the world, sitting in a shitty cramped internet cafe in Hong Kong, practicing the English he just learned from a 20-something American who went there to teach and have an adventure.

I’m sorry you hate kids and the world, Sam Josef, but having a family is a joy for many people and nasty comments are not going to change that.